As soon as you unlock this bike, data will begin to flow from the sole of your shoe to the hidden servers of this renting company.

Your location and usage of this bike will be continuously monitored, stored and sold to third-party companies that are genuinely interested in what you are doing today.

You may not want to become a moving target for data-mining companies.

But since you will be spied on anyways, we invite you to perform a symbolic act of counterespionage and join our network of anonymous bikespotters.

By filling and sending this form, you will help us map the positions where bikes are spying on us.

    ID of the bike
    (it may be either a name or a number)

    Where did you find this bike?
    (neighbourhood, street name, proximity to a landmark or store, etc.)

    Where are you going to park this bike?

    Pick-up time

    Drop-off time

    How is the weather like today?

    None of your personal data is being collected by submitting this form.